In the following ART MATCH SRL is called Supplier, and the legal or natural person involved in a contract with the Supplier is called Customer.


Any agreement which is based on the supplying of products that are subject of this catalog will observe the present conditions. All orders given by the Customers are subject to the present conditions. In lack of a selling-buying agreement concluded separately between the parties, the written order sent by the Customer together with the present conditions may replace an agreement.


The prices of the products from the present catalog are expressed in Euro, excluding VAT, and will be paid in Lei at the exchange rate of B.N.R. +1% valid for the invoicing date, or in Euro. The minimal total value of an order is of 50 Euro, excluding VAT. In case that an order has a total value smaller than 50 Euro, excluding VAT, supplementary costs of 10 Euro, excluding VAT, will be applied due to the costs generated by the export-import operations, packing, handling, invoicing.


The ordered products will be paid in Lei or Euro, according to the invoices issued by the Supplier. The Supplier reserves the right to request from the Customers the following:

- agreeing to and signing of a framework cooperation agreement - advance payment of the products (totally or a percent) at the sending of an order - signing of a reception protocol at the delivery of the goods - cash payment or presenting of payment insuring document (promissory note, check), in system of payment at post delivery - the payment of penalties in amount of 0,1% for each day of delay in the payment of the products, for delays of over 15 days from the due date.

The Supplier may cancel orders or deliveries in progress in case that there are out runs of the upper credit ceiling or delays in the payment of the previous due invoices, by a simple written notification (fax or e-mail) to the Customer.


Prices in the catalog do not contain VAT and delivery costs, other than ExWorks. The freight cost from our warehouse to the final destination will be charged if prior agreements will not apply. This cost will be registered on the confirmation which the Customer receives after placing an order and, as well on the tax invoice which accompanies the products. The Supplier bears the responsibility for the delivery of the goods ordered by the Customer in due time and in good conditions.

The Customer may request in writing a delivery by a third party, but in this case the responsibility for the delivery lies wholly on the Customer. The unloading and unpacking of the goods will be done on the costs and the risk of the Customer. For the observing of the agreed delivery terms all possible efforts will be made. In case of a delay in delivery of over 15 days after the due date, the Customer may ask the Supplier to pay indemnities of 0,1% for each day of delay from the due date.


There will not be accepted any modifications of the launched orders or the refusal to receive the already ordered goods, the delivered goods or the goods for which the delivery formalities have already been performed.


The advertisement prints shown in the catalog draw supplementary costs, depending on the specified graphic design and on the printing method. From case to case, the order will be processed only after the approving by the Customer of the printing sample which will be presented physically or digitally. As long as all possible efforts have been made in order to offer the accuracy of the photos, measurements, weights and of other descriptive specifications of the goods included in the present catalog, the Supplier cannot be held responsible for:

- printing errors

- technical modifications

- the delivery of goods which are not completely according to the stated specifications

The Supplier reserves the right to skip the orders which do not include the exact code of the goods, as well as complete specifications meaning colors, sizes, quantities, etc., as these appear in the present catalog. The information from the present catalog may suffer subsequent changes, for reasons irrespective of the Supplier. The information and pictures from the present catalog are property of the Supplier and may be used by third parties only with the written consent of the Supplier.


The Supplier warrants that all goods are competitive regarding the quality and that they are according to the written specifications, observing the normal industrial quality standards for such products. The obligation of the Supplier in case of non-observance of the quality or in case of deficiencies appeared at the goods is limited to the replacing of these goods or the refunding of the amounts paid by the Customer for these goods. Regarding these warranties, the Supplier will not be held responsible for the deficiencies appeared as a result of the unsuitable use, the negligence or the wrongdoing of any other party than the Supplier.


The damaged goods will be sent back to the Supplier only with their written consent. The Customer has to notify the Supplier in writing (fax or e-mail) at the most in 48 hours after receiving the goods receiving upon his intent to send them back and upon the motives on which this intention founds. The goods sent back without a previous written agreement of the Supplier will not be accepted and they have to be fully paid by the Customer.


The loss or the deterioration of the goods during transport has to be notified to the Supplier in 2 (two) days from the delivery date, as partial or total non-receiving of the goods. In absence of a notification, the goods will be considered as having been delivered and received in good conditions.


The Supplier cannot be held responsible towards the Customer for not delivering or for the delayed delivery of the goods, for defects or deterioration of the goods, in cases beyond the control of the Supplier, as for example, but without being limited to this, a crisis or an extreme rising of the prices of the raw materials, the stopping of the electric power supply, strikes, riots or calamities, fires, robberies, war and embargo.


The commercial relations that are based on the delivery of the products which are subject of this catalog will observe the valid Romanian laws and any subsequent litigation will be solved by the competent Courts from the Romanian territory.